Apply for the Award
Literary work shall be submitted by the applicant-author him/herself. Applicant shall be entitled to submit both published and non-published literary works. Manuscripts submitted shall be neither edited nor returned. Work submitted shall be written not later than 10 years following announcement of the commencement of award process. In the event if the work written in co-authorship becomes an award-winner, the amount of award shall be shared pro rata by co-authors. Every applicant shall be entitled to submit up to three works. Minimal volume of the submitted work shall be not less than 40 000 signs (spaces included), whilst no limitations shall be applied in respect of maximum volume thereof. Applicants shall send the following documents to the email address of the Award

1. Manuscript (created in word processor). Typed or hand-written texts shall not be considered.
2. Completed application form (download)

Only letters sent to the email address of Award and containing the abovementioned documents shall be reviewed.
All submitted works shall be assigned a registration number.